• Feedback on your mixes
  • High resolution masters (24 bit)
  • Masters optimized for streaming platforms
  • Revision of your masters until you are 100% satisfied with your master
  • Compilation for physical release on vinyl or music cassette
  • Compilation and DDP fileset for CD production
  • Alternative delivery formats (broadcasting)

Mix feedback, revision, masters in hi-res and masters optimized for streaming platforms are included in the standard rates for mastering.

Send your mixes for mastering:


Masterenzo Mastering is approved by Apple to deliver masters that meet the Apple Digital Master specification.

Apple Digital Master

The Masterclass

The Masterclass is a three hour private session in the studio in which I will elaborate on the process of mastering. Workflow, (analog) processing and file delivery for vinyl, streaming or CD will come across during the session.

Don't expect to become a mastering engineer in a day but see it as a fun day where knowledge, coffee and a look inside the mastering kitchen will provide you the basics of the craft.

The Masterclass is also available as an online meeting with the possibility to invite multiple attendees.

  • 3 hour private session with 1 or 2 people in the studio
  • Unique insights into mastering audio
  • Get answers to questions you've always wanted to ask to a mastering engineer
  • Coffee and tea included
  • Price: 220 euro all-in, VAT (btw) included
Everlearn mastering course

Creative learning platform Everlearn asked me to record an online mastering course on video here in the studio. In little over four hours I explain what mastering is, what the importance is of a good monitoring environment and what tools I use during a session.

It's a medium-advanced-level video training for those who want to know more about this beautiful profession or even those who plan to start their own career in mastering.

The course can also serve as a reference as all subjects are organized in paragraphs.

Dolby Atmos

Instead of traditional stereo or surround sound mixing, Dolby Atmos allows engineers to position individual sound elements in a three-dimensional space, creating a new freedom in artistic and musical choices. 

This means different rules, a completely different way of mixing, a different vision and a different set of skills, with great sounding results. 

Thanks to this new way of mixing music in Atmos, listeners can experience their favorite music in a true three-dimensional way, with sounds and instruments all around the room, as if they are inside the song.  

This immersive experience is often delivered through headphones using a method called binaural audio. 

Masterenzo Mastering now offers the possibility to deliver a Dolby Atmos mix with the stereo master as reference.


Why Dolby Atmos?

First of all, it sounds amazing! 

Music in Atmos goes beyond traditional surround sound by incorporating height channels, providing a much wider canvas for the creativity of the artist, the producer and the mixer, and ultimately for the listener to enjoy! 

On the commercial side: artists and labels use the fact that their music is mixed in Dolby Atmos as a unique selling point. 

Several music providers such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and others already support Dolby Atmos. 

The increasing popularity of home cinema systems (like Atmos sound bars) and headphones that support Dolby Atmos is resulting in a growing demand for music mixed in Atmos.