The studio

My studio

Built with a living room in mind the studio is located in a great sounding old house (1928) in Rotterdam. Amphion and Thermionic Microlabs speaker systems fit the room perfectly. The Thermionics are cloned Wilson Audio's and are custom built to specification.

A single outboard rack with modified and carefully selected gear ensures short signal paths with plenty of flexibility and power.

I see my gear as an organic musical instrument, a heritage from my early years being a professional guitarist.

  • Amphion Two15 speakers, decoupled system
  • Thermionic Microlabs speaker system, decoupled and bi-amped
  • Tivoli mono speaker
  • Custom built mastering console by Dutch Audio (serial no. 1)
  • Crookwood VU metering panel
  • Dan Clark Audio - Ether headphones
  • Tube-Tech HLT2A tube shelving and tilt EQ (modified)
  • Avalon VT-747sp optical compressor and band EQ with selectable tube path (modified)
  • Dave Hill Designs Titan compressor (stereo pair)
  • API 5500 dual mono EQ
  • Custom Audio Germany HDE250 precision EQ
  • Crane Song HEDD-Q AD/DA converter with tube and tape coloring options
  • Grimm Audio UC1 USB interface and converter
  • Wavelab Pro on Mac
  • Hofa DDP Player
  • Sonoris DDP Creator
  • Selection of plug-ins by Fabfilter, Kush Audio, DMG Audio, Weiss, ToneBoosters, Oeksound, SIR Audio Tools, Metric Halo
  • Unity teflon/silver cable (between analog pieces)
  • Grimm Audio TPR cable (monitor path)
  • nOb generic controller
  • Equipment modifications by Dutch Audio
  • Technivorm Moccamaster filter coffee machine
  • Bezerra Magica PID espresso machine
  • Eureka Mignon coffee grinder
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans from Rotterdam