Answers to common questions
What do I send you?

I want the best sounding mix. Stereo mixdowns in 24 bit (minimum) resolution. Bus processing is fine as long as it sounds better or holds the mix together.

Things to consider:

  • Never change the sample rate of your project
  • Mp3 (and other lossy formats) are end formats and therefore not suitable for mastering
  • Check, check, check your mixes before sending them
  • You can use my WeTransfer channel to send me mixes:

What happens after I send my mixes?

Listening. A decent mix tells what should be done to make it sound better.

Then comes processing. I'll send the masters in hi-res (24 bit) so you can evaluate them on your familiar sound system.

Masters optimized for streaming are included.

Do you do stem mastering?

Stem mastering is possible. However, a great and balanced mix is usually the best way to go. Stem mastering requires extra work and therefore costs more than normal mastering.

Do I need separate masters for vinyl or CD?

Short answer: no. I'll make one master that suits all.

About vinyl:
Please be aware of maximum playback length when choosing your tracks for both sides of the vinyl. Optimum playback length for a 12" 33 rpm record is 18 - 21 mins.
The disk cutter at the vinyl plant is the one making final judgements when transferring digital files to vinyl.

For CD I'll provide you a playable DDP-image, including ISRC codes.

Can I attend the mastering session?

It's possible to attend the session. I encourage you to witness the process: in price there is no difference between an attended or unattended mastering session.

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What if I'm not completely satisfied?

In case you're not entirely happy with your master I will do a revision, until you're completely happy.

Can I hear some of your work?

I've made a Spotify playlist containing mastered work:

Mastered by Masterenzo Mastering

Can you listen to my mixes first?

Yes. The better the mix the better the end result. The benefit of a fresh pair of ears will most likely improve your mix!

What about ISRC?

ISRC is an international code that facilitates the distribution of music rights. The code is unique per song.

The code is embedded during mastering when releasing music on CD. For a digital release the code is filled in while uploading your tracks.

An ISRC can be obtained free of charge. In Holland Sena issues the codes.