About Masterenzo

Masterenzo (Renzo van Riemsdijk) was born in 1973 in Ede, a medium sized town in the center of Holland, Having discovered the guitar at the age of 15, he played electric guitar in his first band three years later.

He decided to follow his heart: after a chemistry study he shifted direction and started studying electric guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory. During his study he was already very interested in the sound of records and his journey into sound had begun.

This led to the start of his home based mastering studio in 2003. After working at home for six years he got to work at Rotterdam based studios like the Excess Studios (2009-2012) and Okapi Recordings (formerly known as Real Music Room, 2012-2015).

In 2015 he decided to build his very own mastering facility and Masterenzo Mastering was born. In 2021 the studio moved to a bigger location.

Besides mastering his days are filled by listening to music, preferably on vinyl or cd. Swimming, a good cup of coffee and a beer in the great city of Rotterdam, accompanied by some good friends are other ways to spend his time.

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I've written many columns about mastering for Dutch music platform Popunie.

These columns reflect my view on this beautiful craft.

Music producer podcast

Recently I was asked to participate in a podcast about mastering.

The podcast on Spotify is in Dutch.

Interview about mastering

Some time ago I gave an interview about mastering to journalist Lex Bezemer from Dutch national newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

The interview is in Dutch.