Mastering is based on a rate of 55 euro per song. Masters optimized for streaming services are included in the price of a master.

The more songs you want to have mastered in one batch or session, the more cost-effective it will be. Discount starts with four songs.

  • Compilation for a standard 2-sided release on 10" or 12" vinyl: 55 euro
  • DDP fileset for CD production: 55 euro
  • Compilation for a standard 2-sided release on music cassette: 55 euro
  • Alternative masters like instrumentals (with identical settings): 20 euro per song
  • Alternative delivery formats (EBU-R128/EAR): 10 euro per song
  • The Masterclass (1 or 2 people in the studio), 3 hours: 220 euro all-in, VAT (btw) and coffee included

All prices excluding 21% VAT (btw), unless noted otherwise.

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