This is what I use....


  • Avalon VT-747sp tube/Class A compressor/equalizer (modified)
  • TK-Audio TK-lizer mastering equalizer with Mid/Side matrix (modified)
  • 2x Dave Hill Designs Titan compressor-limiter
  • Tube-Tech HLT 2A tube tilt equalizer with hi and lo shelving filters


  • Crane Song HEDD, AD/DA converter with tube harmonics and tape compression
  • Yellowtec PUC2 DA converter (monitoring)


  • Custom built Thermionic Microlabs main monitor speakers, 
    powered by two vintage Marantz SE KI and Sony ES amps
  • Amphion Two15 monitor speakers, powered by vintage Pioneer Reference amp
  • DuTCH audio MMC-1 Mastering Console, custom built for Masterenzo Mastering
  • Crookwood VU meters
  • MB Quart Phone 90 headphone (West-German quality headphone from the eighties)
  • JBL blue "hipster headphone" (reference for mobile listening)


  • Wavelab Pro on Mac OS X
  • Sonoris DDP Creator and HOFA DDP player for clients
  • A selection of esoteric plugins by Kush Audio, Leapwing Audio, Weiss Engineering, Tokyo Dawn Labs (Ohlhorst Digital), Kazrog, FabFilter and Slate Digital


  • nOb generic controller
  • Unity teflon silver plated OFC cabling
  • Custom designed and built studio furniture, inspired by Northward Acoustics
  • Freshly roasted coffee beans from Rotterdam!

© 1973 Masterenzo Mastering | Rotterdam